Rezoning Applications

If the occupancy of a property is different than the surrounding area, it will require rezoning of the property by the local municipality. Rezoning means that a property’s designated use will be changed within the municipalities Official Community Plan. This might be the conversion of a residential house to a commercial use or the conversion of some single family lots into multi-family projects. We can handle the process of rezoning right through to obtaining the building permit for our client.


If you have a lot that is eligible to subdivide to two or more, we can help you with the process dealing with all required drawings and present you in the city hall.

Development (Variance) Permits

Permits are required before commencing any development. The following is a list of the permits and licenses relevant to zoning and development in Vancouver.

Development Permit

A development permit allows the applicant to use or develop property in accordance with the City’s zoning regulations.

Building Permit

A building permit allows the applicant to carry out the development proposal (e.g., to demolish buildings, to excavate sites or to carry out most new construction, including alterations and renovations of existing buildings).

Occupancy Permit

An occupancy permit gives permission to occupy buildings or change the major occupancy within a particular building.
For many investors who are looking to purchase a property and change the occupancy, or use, it is very important to know the potential of the existing land.
We can review the existing status and offer you consultation to help you determine the best move for your investment idea. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.

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