Laneway Homes

Laneway and Carriage Homes are now approved on single detached dwelling properties by many lower mainland municipalities. These new housing forms can significantly contribute to the amount of rental housing available in the city and can benefit homeowners many ways. Laneway homes are:

  1. a great source of additional rental income.
  2. a great investment as Laneway Homes have a greater return on investment than many other traditional investments.
  3. a home for older children, or aging parents.
  4. a great additional feature when you go to sell your property.


Laneway and Carriage Houses are compact, detached, ground oriented dwellings located in backyards.
Laneway houses are located on properties that have access to a lane.
Carriage Houses are located on properties without lanes.

Laneway and Carriage Houses can be used for family or as rental units but cannot be sold separately or used for short-term rentals (like a bed and breakfast).


The cost of building a Laneway home is $200K ($230k includes connection fee and GST). The mortgage payment on $230k is about $900 a month for a 25-year term.
A Laneway home can be rented around $1,500 to $2,000. This additional income can bring immediate positive cash flow to any family.
In some cases the homeowners may choose to move to their newly built Laneway Home and rent the main house for over $3,000+.


After our initial conversations and agreement, it will take approximately:

  • 45 days to have the documents ready,
  • 6 months for the city issue the permit and
  • 4 months of construction
  • All together you are looking at just under one year for the full process.
  • Laneway-House-MyHomedesigner



We offer a design package for a laneway house application. In order to apply for Laneway home building permit you need:

  • Survey drawing (average $1600- to $2,500)
  • Architectural drawing (average $6,500 to $8,000)
  • Structural drawing (average $1,400 to $2,200)
  • Energy Adviser Report (average $1,300 to $2,000)
  • HPO letter

Please compare our prices with others in the field. Please make sure that you each company has included all the same services. Many companies quote low and then later add on fees, which ultimately makes forces the end price u p and makes the project far more than the original quote. We include all services in are estimates and we are confident you will notice the cost savings we offer.

We have made it easy to have a custom design and a quality built laneway or carriage home in New Westminster. Here are the steps.

  1. FILL OUT THE ONLINE FORM Just fill out the online form above to book your free consultation. At our first meeting we are there primarily to listen to your needs and visually assess your property. We come to you and there is no cost and obligation.
  2. FREE EVALUATION: At the first meeting we discuss the details of the building you envision: the exterior and interior designs, the construction materials and your personal desires. We can design a single or a two-story home depending on your needs, the lot and the City regulations. Regulations do have a major impact on design. We have to consider things like: Do you have to provide off-street parking? How many people can live there? How big can the home be? What is the required setback form the property line and your home? It is important that each project is carefully thought through.
  3. CONTRACT: Once we confirm you can build a laneway on your property we talk to a builder to get an idea of cost and process. Then we will draw up a contract. After signing we will provide the following.
  4. REPORTS: A complete Lot Survey, Architectural Drawings, and an Energy Advisory Report. When everything is approved we will contact the municipality.
  5. MUNICIPALITY PERMITS: You do not have to worry about the details. We will do all the work with the municipality including:
  • Development Permit Application (Title Search, Legal Property Survey, Architectural Drawing, Floor Plans, Site Plans, Elevations, Sections, Landscape drawings)
  • Development Permit Review,
  • Consultation,
  • Finalizing Plan,
  • Development Permit Approval,
  • Building Permit Application,
  • Servicing with the Engineering Department,
  • Building Permit Issuance and Construction and Inspections.
  • Dealing with the municipality can be confusing and cumbersome for the average homeowner. We cut through the red tape and keep the project moving.
  • Laneway house design

    Laneway house design

6. HIRING: Before construction we will hire all the engineers and consultants that the city requires on your behalf.

7. CONSTRUCTION: With 30 years of design and construction we can think outside the box and provide the materials, labour and management system that ensures the job gets done on time and on budget.

8. FINAL PERMITS. We continue to communicate with the City and right through the project until you are delivered your occupancy permit.

9. PROTECTION: Hire licensed, bonded and fully insured, so you can sleep easy when you place the design and build of your new laneway or carriage home in our hands. We are a HPO licensed builder, member of ASTTBC and associate member of AIBC.

10. ENVIRONMENT: We design with Built-Green and Passive House Standards when requested which creates the most energy efficient homes in the world.

11. FENG SHUI: We are happy to accommodate Feng Shui design principles into your home.


If you live in the lower mainland and are thinking of building a Laneway Home we can help.
Laneway homes in Vancouver are allowed in all RS single-family zones, RT-11/11N and RM-7/7N.
In City of North Vancouver, a Laneway Home is called a Coach House. It categorized as Level A (one storey) and Level B (1-1/2 storey).
In Pitt Meadows, laneway homes are called Garden Suites.

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