Residential and Commercial Designs

This architectural and interior design portfolio presents some of the projects completed by My Home Designer. We believe that it’s better to see the luxury and marvellous designs in your own eyes than to talk about them. Please view the whole list of all our works or sort them by categories for your convenience.

Commercial Designs

Our commercial architectural and interior design portfolio showcases a diversity of projects. By helping our clients with getting the necessary permits and planning their premises, we help businesses succeed. Some examples of our commercial designs include:

  • adding space to existing cafes and restaurants;
  • expanding daycare to increase its number of children;
  • creating showrooms that accommodate kitchen renovation ideas;
  • upgrading operational buildings with new frames;
  • hotels and casino interior design;
  • multifamily common area interior design;
  • high-end retail interior design;
  • rezoning industrial facilities for a restaurant.

Take a look at our commercial projects to see how we managed to overcome existing challenges.

Residential Interior Design

Besides updating the overall look of houses, My Home Designer adds a personal touch to each home. In our vast interior design collection of completed projects, you can also see that our team combines the building’s appearance with stunning views. Explore our interior design portfolio that demonstrates an enormous variety of house designs. You can see several challenges that we faced, such as:

  • building a three-level house on a sloped site;
  • adding a suite to the basement;
  • converting two lots into four-lot subdivisions;
  • creating different floor plans and structural shapes;
  • extending the living space into the backyard;
  • adjusting an amazing entertainment area for the family, etc.

Advanced Support for All Projects

Aryo, the founder, is a professional residential designer, building designer, architectural technologist, and construction manager with experience over 34 years. Cooperating with My Home Designer, you’ll get a masterful performance, including:

  • professional evaluation of the space available;
  • personalized solutions to get the most of your premises;
  • expert advice on interior design and material selection;
  • an improved look to the neighbourhood.

Get inspired by browsing our architectural and interior design portfolio and reading detailed information about the designs that interest you. My Home Designer is proud to have realized the clients’ dreams, creating a unique look for all premises.

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