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About us:

vancouver home designer

Vancouver home designer

our vision

If you are looking for sophisticated design and architectural services in the Vancouver region, you’ve found the right place. We are dedicated specialists who can help you achieve the best results for any of your architectural projects.

1. Excellence and Innovation

Our single family and architectural designer Vancouver team is committed to excellence in construction and innovation in design with “out-of-the-box-thinking,” planning and building strategies. Our designers believe that there are no two same houses. We always find unique solutions for every client. We do our best to create a better architecture in Vancouver.

2. Diverse Designs

As a modern architectural style and interior designer Vancouver company, we like meeting new challenges in construction and renovation. We provide architectural drawings for:

  • residential homes;
  • tenant improvements;
  • commercial buildings;
  • construction building permits;
  • development permit processes.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on getting the job done with higher values and lower budgets.

3. Making the Most of Buildings

No matter how big or small your premises are, our single family architectural designer in North Vancouver will help you get the most of it. We’ll provide a design to take advantage of every square foot as well as natural light. Our professionals can give consultations and support for:

  • conversions, 
  • rezoning, 
  • subdivisions.

Our modern architectural style and interior designer Vancouver team has completed a significant variety of projects to satisfy the needs of clients.


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Our Mission

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Smarter solutions

We offer personalized architectural and interior design solutions tailored to you and your family with attention to details. Our team of single family home architectural designers in West and North Vancouver will create designs that include the latest advancements in technology. We’ll ensure that your home is comfortable and has a low impact on the environment.[/extra_wrap] [dropcap]2[/dropcap] [extra_wrap]

Saving Time

Everyone’s time is valuable. We can save you time and headaches by dealing with your municipality for permits and approvals when you want to build. We have the experience to know what is needed and how to prepare the documents so that we can cut through any red tape and keep your projects moving on time and budget.[/extra_wrap] [dropcap]3[/dropcap] [extra_wrap]

Cost Effective Designs

To save money, it is most important to really understand what you are looking for in your dream home. Our architect in North and West Vancouver takes the time to understand your vision, construction requirements and budget so that we can provide the most cost-effective design. Here is where our “THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX” really delivers.

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Why Choose My Home Designer?

Do you have hesitations on whether to trust your project to our modern home designer Vancouver team? Here are some reasons why cooperation with us is worthwhile. [check_list]

Licensed Professionals

You can rely on us as we are a licensed builder, a member of Passive House and an associate member of AIBC. Such recognition by architectural institutions guarantees that you get your design or architecture project completed to the highest standards. My Home Designer also cooperates with trustworthy contractors to carry out the projects. 

Experienced Consultations

If you have a project in mind but don’t know where to start, we’ll help you by providing a personalized consultation. After years of creating designs and building construction projects in the Vancouver region, including West and North Vancouver, we have gathered lots of valuable information that may help to ease your worries and answer your questions.

Compliance with Regulations

Not each architect in the Vancouver region perfectly knows all municipal regulations that control constructions. Our architectural and interior designer team has the necessary expertise to design your building according to community plans. Whether you want to build a secondary suite or alter premises, our company will make sure that the changes correspond to the requirements.

Stress-free Construction

Most architects in Vancouver support clients in dealing with the municipality. We’ll help you cut through the red tape and obtain any necessary building, occupancy and development permits. Our team ensures that your construction project won’t be stuck because you lack essential documents. 

Investment Advice

If you are thinking of building a laneway home or considering other investment options in real estate, our architectural and interior designer team in the Vancouver region will provide helpful recommendations. My Home Designer can advise on residential buildings for growing families, ageing people, as well as commercial projects and tenant improvements.

Design Packages

Building premises all over Lower Mainland, our architect Vancouver team offers special packages for laneway homes. Our original quote includes a variety of services. Signing an agreement, you get the full package, and there won’t be any additional fees. We’ll prepare all the necessary documents and reports.

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Vancouver Designer Team

Meet our experienced single family home architectural and interior designer team of the Vancouver region studio, who indulge their passion for clients’ structural and design projects.
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