It's all about you and your needs, are you looking for:

1- Expecting newcomer in your life
2- Bought a house and want to customize it to your needs?
3- Improving mental and physical health
4- Do you want to rejuvenate your kitchen
5- Status (house proud)
6- Add value to the house
7- Adding extra income 

8- Family member moving in
9- Aging-in-place your house
10- Selling your house
11- Adding privacy and security in your house
12- Want to make your house sustainable and energy-efficient
13- Want to open a home office within your house

14- Want to build a mancave 
15- Bored with your house
16- Envious of friends and neighbours
Or you are opening a new business and looking for a tenant improvement application and permit? or any other reason that is not included above?

We are a one stop shop for your construction project.
It's like an all inclusive package for your vacation

Custom Home Design
Renovation Design
Subdivision Application
Luxury Home Design
Feasibility study

For better visualization, we offer 3D rendering, Virtual reality, and Walkthrough in all of our projects!

Home renovation
west vancouver home renovation

We are Vancouver’s premium Home Design firm helping our highly motivated clients to achieve their goal of building their ultimate dream home that provides the pride and joy of accomplishment. We use a meaningful design system that combines functionality, technology, ancient wisdom and psychology to create physical and mental comfort for them yet to be inspired for the future they are building for themselves and their family.
Our core value is sustainability and implementing nature into our design to a meaningful urban organic architecture.
We welcome clients who are excited to build their extravagant homes and challenge us for a ride to create a masterpiece together.