Aryo Falakrou MyHomedesigner
Aryo Falakrou MyHomedesigner

You have your reasons to make changes to your lifestyle by renovating or building your new house. These are the reasons we think of:

  • To inspire your lifestyle?
  • Improve your living standard?
  • To invest in your future and increase the value of your property?
  • Are you tired of paying too much for utility bills and want to have an energy-efficient home?
  • Do you need more space?
  • Addition to your family members?

Renovation or building your dream home doesn’t have to be frustrating if you know where to start and how to deal with surprises.

Why do you need to rearrange your house?
Do you believe your utility bill is getting out of hand? And still don’t feel the comfort you expect from your home?

  • Do you experience the short days in winter is effecting your mood?
  • What are the alternatives to make your marriage work?
  • The relationship in your household is not satisfying?
  • The relax time at home is not relaxing anymore?
  • Your healthy life is going down the hill?
  • Is your career not exciting you?
  • Dusting your home become unmanageable?
  • Nothing motivates you anymore?
  • Are you missing your life goal?  

If your answer to your questions above is time to renovate or build your dream house, it’s a good idea to get informed of the construction process.

Aryo has spent over 35 years in the business of architecture, learning different methods of construction and design styles and learned how to become more resourceful and helpful to his client. He is offering all his knowledge so his clients can achieve their desired lifestyle in a home they can be proud of and brag about all their lives.

The 20-century mindset doesn’t work in 21 century, why we think 20-century architecture should serve a 21-century lifestyle.

Book a call back with his and experience the value he has to offer before starting your project.