A holistic/architectural approach to prevent mental concerns amongst baby boomers!

Join me on a journey of enhancing your lifestyle and improving your living space to empower you to a better Aging in Place!

Does your home need renovation, such as kitchen and bathroom upgrade; or perhaps it’s time to revitalize your rooms? Are you reaching the time of life when it’s wise to think in advance and make your home age-friendly?

This book offers the experience, wisdom and knowledge needed to learn how to deal with/what to expect from your designer and contractor. Stories in this book resonate with specific real-life situations everyone meets sooner or later.

Aryo’s holistic approach will change your perspective of living space, and help you create a better environment. Allow him to motivate you, and discover a new, vibrant and energetic lifestyle for the rest of your life!

“Create a new life with new hopes and desires, new aspirations, and lifestyle. Let’s the silver time of your life be a golden one!”

About the Book

When you get to the age of 60 or above, you want to live your life the safest possible; this book shares stories of my client who improved their life to live in a safe, healthy, and mentally sharp environment. The guidelines, along with stories help readers get a better understanding of how to turn their home into a sanctuary for their older age.

When a family gets a new baby, they baby-proof their home, why when we get older, shouldn’t we make our homes age-friendly?

What makes someone healthy in body and soul is motivation. Motivation can inspire us to live better, happier, and healthier. Some people are strong-minded and can keep themselves in high vibration and stay motivated at all times, but many others need assistance.

Quotes from the book:

“Remember, there is no such a thing as a magic pill for a better living, but your own will to live a better life.”

“Your home is where you created all your memories, the happy times and the sad times, the first times and celebrations. The community around you makes your identity, the person you become, and the respect you have within. It’s not easy to leave everything behind and start over elsewhere where it doesn’t appreciate you.”

Beyond Ages
About the Author

Aryo has studied architecture in the ’80s and started working in the field during his studies. He moved to Canada in search of work in a more liberal and unique design environment, where he was shocked to see how conservative Canadian are when it comes to designing their home.

After several years of working with homeowners, he collected a good story about people who want to change their living environment due to changes occurring in their life. Either due to new family members moving in, or need to create extra space for financial gain and so on.

In this book, he shares his experience with people who needed to improve their lifestyle and create an independent living within their home to transmute them for years ahead!

It is good to think ahead of time and be prepared, especially when it comes to your living space.

Enjoy reading and feel free to recommend or give this as a gift to your parents or your loved ones to enjoy as well.

“Peace of mind is possible through preparation. While some supplements can delay or reduce the chances of injuries, the best way of preventing them is to keep our minds sharp, but not the object around us. We have to make sure the environment around us is as safe as possible.

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