Laneway houses are an excellent way to increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking to increase the living space for you and your family or want to generate an income from tenants, a laneway house gives you more flexibility.

Designing laneway houses can be difficult as they often require the same amenities as a single family home. Such amenities include electrical, plumbing, parking and additional privacy measures. Our design specialist works to create a beautiful design that maximizes the available space.

Please make sure to hire a designer who knows the local code and regulations. Designing a laneway house is more challenging than a regular house. That’s why anyone who takes a lane home design should know the entire process of the building application in City of Vancouver.

With any construction it is important that the proper procedures are followed to receive permit approval. We offer a complete permit application and follow-up service, so you can be confident that your application will be handled professionally and efficiently.

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