Services Overview

My home designer provides an extensive range of architectural drawings both for residential and tenant improvement commercial projects. We consult clients and assist them at every stage of making their vision come true. Moreover, our specialists put considerable emphasis on construction sustainability to protect the environment.

Commercial Design Services

Our architectural drawing services for business premises comprise architectural drawings for all kinds of tenant improvements, including restaurants, barbershops, hair salons, spas, fast-food locations, daycare and commercial offices. We offer functional space creation, conversions of buildings, and tenant improvements. My Home Designer also assists companies in obtaining all necessary building permits.
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Custom Homes and Renovation Services

We offer our residential architectural and interior design services to those who are going to construct a new custom home or renovate the existing one. My Home Designer will provide you with architectural drawings for a new building and home interior designs, taking care of all your requirements. We believe it is crucial to meet your needs and style preferences with our design strengths. In particular, we like to work on modern, contemporary, west coast, craftsman or post-modern designs.

House Development and Rezoning

My Home Designer also has extensive experience in altering premises to make the most of them. Our design services comprise architectural drawings that really open up spaces. Our team will care about subdivisions, rezoning, extending, etc. of your house. You’ll get a truly friendly environment with all the updated features that will increase your home’s overall value and life ability.
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