Do(es) AI replace architects?

Have you used AI in your line of work or entertainment? #AI

We all know the new buzzword these days is AI and how it is replacing many jobs. Every industry is already using AI or is in the process of implementing it.  

Architects and building designers are experiencing improvements in presentations and even design using AI technology.

contemporary interior design

contemporary interior design

We can see the improvements that AI brings across the board to different sectors, including 3D rendering, that are jaw-dropping. But to be honest, can an AI do a good job designing a workplace or living space to suit your needs?
It depends on who you ask. If you ask a developer who just wants to cut costs and make more profit from every bit and piece of the project without caring about the comfort of the tenants. Then, yes, AI can be an excellent tool for generating the most efficient sets of drawings to meet the local zoning and building codes in a fraction of the time and cost.
However, this comes with the enormous sacrifice of losing creativity and human touch.

Should we let our lives be run by Science?

North vancouver interior designer

North Vancouver interior designer

You see, AI is being created by right-sided brain people (scientists), and based on science, the world around us is created by matter (or quantum physics, which believes all existing things are from energy). Basically, our five senses (touch, seeing, hearing, taste, and smelling) allow us to experience whatever exists in three shapes: solid, gas, or liquid.
What science cannot describe and is lacking are the sensations we experience as humans. The laughter on cracking a joke, the experience of the first kiss, the joy of sipping your favourite drink while sitting on a balcony watching the kids playing, or the experience of touching the skin of loved ones can not be comprehended by AI or science.
If science and AI cannot understand these emotions and sensations, how you would allow them to provide a service to you to duplicate these feelings?

What defines a building? 

Designing a building is not just locating different rooms based on their functionalities and making a box to house people. (this might be a common practice in some countries or done by many developers who don’t care about society.)
But I want to ask my readers, are you looking for a shelter to house you or do you want to live in a home that can satisfy your soul, provide comfort, and fulfill your happiness?

multi-generational home

multi-generational home

A society in which the government and the developers just care about creating shelters without fulfilling human needs, learn the lesson the hard way by experiencing unhappy people.

Neglecting community building leads to family issues, crime, suicide, and abuse..

AI is an exceptional tool to be used by humans who can create a place to live, work, and thrive. to enjoy life and create memories, to grow old and have fun with other members of the community, and to contribute to society.

What do you think?

I would like you to share your thoughts and let me know what you think. Our homes and our workplaces mean so much more to us than a shelter and a place to perform a work activity. So we have to take care of them as best as possible.
Do you believe AI can do the job?


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