An Ideal Client: Who is That?

What Defines My Ideal Client?

Dream House with pool on the roof
Dream House with pool on the roof

My ideal client is someone who’s looking to build a dream home that truly stands out. In other words, someone who is ambitious and wants to grow in every aspect, and celebrate the accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with being successful, so why hiding it? My clients love to show their well-deserved status by presenting the ultimate dream home as a reminder about the amazing journey to this success.

Vancouver Villa for One of My Ideal Clients
Vancouver Villa

My ideal client understands the value of the biggest and most important personal investment in life. Being goal-oriented means thriving on inspiration and motivation, growing toward a bigger achievement, above all. Together, we take a journey through all the benefits of well-designed living space, to incarnate a perfectly tailored home that fits.

An Ideal Client Wants a Tailored Home
The South Surrey house with a stunning ocean view.

Being an architect means looking for a challenge, a chance to express and create something new. Therefore, my ideal client is an outside-the-box thinker who dares to provoke and wants something unique. This client is open to new ideas and communicative, trusts the architect, and allows him the creative freedom to examine and find a deep desire. Together, we don’t just make a building. We embody a personality instead.

An Ideal Client Knows What He Wants
You Know You Deserve a Stunning Living Space

A home is a root for the future. My ideal clients are families with a vision and understanding of growth and limitless life, dreaming of wonderful prospects. They are inquisitive, engaging, and eager to gain happiness through a beautiful home above all. Together, we create a safe nest, an ultimate base for a productive life.

In conclusion

My ideal client knows what he wants and is not afraid to let me show what he doesn’t.

The cost of your dream home depends on how creative you can be. Live the life, my friend, and let’s enjoy every minute of it. I charge like anyone else, but I make it worth every penny of it. Start your project here.

Aryo Falakrou (Arch Tech AIBC)
President Ltd.

By Aryo Falakrou (My Home Designer)

What are the services of Home design company

I’m surprised to know many of people who I encounter with in our profession don’t know what are the services of a home design company.

A home designer (architect) helps home owners or contractors at the initial stages of a house renovation or new house construction.

Or if a home owner has a lot that can be subdivided, we can help as well. Tenant improvement applications for an existing restaurant, retail, office or daycare are other examples of work we offer.

The following is the breakdown of services:


We offer design, blueprint and architectural drawings for the following:

Deck Addition
Garage-Carport construction
Secondary Suite
Minor Interior Renovation
Interior Renovation with Exterior changes
Interior renovation for Larger homes (3800 sq.ft.+)
Addition to existing house
Major Addition to existing house

New Home design

Laneway House
House Design up to 3000 sq.ft.
House Design up to 5000 sq.ft.
House Design more than 5000 sq.ft.

Tenant Improvements

Retails, Warehouses, Offices

Subdivisions & Rezoning

Double lot subdivision
Board of Variance


We help our clients by hiring the required engineers during the permitting process.
Survey Engineer
Structure engineer
Geo Tech Engineer
Energy Advisier

Permit followup

Permit Follow-up for construction permit, development permit, tenant improvement permit, board of variance or subdivisions

Interior Detailed Design

Interior Detailed Design for hotels, restaurants, luxury homes

Project Management

Project Management for larger project which needs overseeing the projects


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