Feng shui in today’s Homes

Feng shui in today’s Homes

Chinese home buyers are made up a significant percentage of our buyers, and principles of feng shui have to be taken into account, everything from the orientation of the building to how the floors are numbered. A Chinese buyer will almost never buy a property numbered four, or on the fourth floor, whereas eight is lucky.

At its most extreme, feng shui can seem absurd to Westerners, of the so-called rules governing the positioning of furniture can take it “too literally”. But its basic premise really chimes with modern life. Many of us are looking for something akin to feng shui without knowing it.

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Feng Shui in today’s homes

Clean and Open space

One of the basic principles is about a clean, open space. Essentially it means uncluttered living for an uncluttered life, which enhances your sense of well-being. We may not all call it ‘feng shui’, but that is increasingly what we aspire to. More and more of the properties coming to the market have been uncluttered in this way, with a sense of flow and balance, with everything tucked away so that there are no obstacles. It attracts buyers because quite simply, it makes life easier.

A house with good feng shui has a smooth, strong and clear energy flow to the front door – nothing should block the door or pathway. The entryway is the mouth of “chi” where all your opportunities come in. A yin/yang symbol to the left of the front door represents prosperity for the next generation.

Positive, meaningful energy is expressed in a clean space with fresh air and plenty of light. The house is “nourished” by fresh, clear and free-flowing energy: get rid of clutter, hard corners and obstacles, and keep surfaces clear.

A good feng shui house is “anchored” in its main energy centres – the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. The entry door and exit door never line up to avoid draft. Meaning the value of the energy in the house. (which is an environmental friendly concept)

Positioning of the house

Homes positioned at the end of a street are in a difficult location since all the chi energy will rush towards your home.

Feng Shui starts in the outdoor area leading up to your home. A curved driveway, for example, improves energy flow and directs energy and good fortune into your home. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any stairs directly behind the door, as these symbolize fortune escaping. Furthermore, a staircase behind the front door is not particularly inviting for guests or family members anyway.


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