One-Stop-Shop, all in one renovation promotion

All in One Renovation Promotion!  
April is a time when we come out of our hibernation and start to plan for renovations, new decks, laneway houses and all things upgrade for your home…

We want to be able to make this easy for you with an “All In One” package…
All in One package – $20,000 (Includes):
Architectural consultation, design and drawings ($15k value)
Interior design package ($7k value)
Structural design and drawings ($3k value)
Survey drawing ($3k value)
City follow up and coordination ($1k value)
Helping to choose the contractor ($500 value)
We take care of all the process from concept to key turn. All you have to do is to find which part of your living space or office needs an upgrade!
******Sign up in April we put a rendering package of 5 images for free ( $1500 value)



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Vancouver new renovation bylaw

Vancouver’s zoning bylaw will effect on your renovation project.