The following is some of our past clients who experienced our services: Please feel free to add your testimonial by emailing us your experience with us.

Aryo designed and built multiple projects for Sue and her family, including two multi-million dollar mansions in Richmond BC.

Theo’s residence included a multi generational units where they wanted to have their older parents to live close to them and being able to share their times with their grand children as well.

Parisa and Amir were a newcomer couple who bought their first home in North Vancouver and wanted to create their sanctuary from an older home. Aryo helped them to modernize their living space by modifying the house to fit their new lifestyle.

The “Key to happiness” is in our hands! We just have to learn how to use it in our lives. Aryo combines psychology and ancient philosophy with architecture so you can have a living space that reminds you of your essence and move forward to achieve a better version of yourself. Looking forward to helping you to create your sanctuary!

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