Your house renovation contract checklist (Part 1)

Checklist of Items to include in the contract with your contractor:

Click the link above for PDF format.

Make sure the contract covers the following items:

Contractor Information

  • Contractor (company name)
  • Principle contact
  • Project manager
  • Address
  • Telephone (office/business and cell numbers) and Fax numbers
  • E-mail address and website

Owner Information

  • Owner(s) names
  • Address (include buzzer number if different than unit)
  • Telephone (office/business and cell numbers) and Fax numbers
  • E-mail ________________
  • Project address (if different from above)
  • Description of Work
  • Scope of work, details of materials, if any drawings are available refer to the drawing.
  • Include what the work does not include
  • Timing – list project milestones and the target date for completion
  • Terms of Payment
  • The Contract price is to be calculated as follows (select one):
    • Stipulated fixed cost basis (all inclusive) $__________________, plus applicable tax Payments shall be due and payable as outlined in the Payment Schedule.
    • Cost plus ______________% of cost, plus applicable tax Payments shall be due on a bi-weekly _______ or monthly ________ basis (check one).
    • Cost plus fixed fee of $_______________________, plus applicable tax
    • Payment Schedule
  • Changes in Work Utilities and Washroom Facilities
  • Warranty
  • Other Contractors
    • Who are they?
  • Owner reserves the right to allow separate contracts in connection with the Work or to do certain work by Owner’s own forces as specified in Description of Work.
  • Dispute Resolution
    The Owner and the Contractor agree that in the event of a dispute as to the interpretation of the Contract or the extent of the Work, the issues shall be submitted to arbitration as agreed to by both parties or under the province’s arbitration statute.
  • Default by Owner
  • Default by Contractor
  • Signatures

If the payment method is laid out based on stage of work, make sure each stage of the job has been achieved and inspected (according to local bylaws) before making the payment for that stage.

It is wise to hold back a percentage of the payment for a short period of time to make sure the final job meets your expectations. This is an arrangement between you and the contractor. If you have a good relationship with him this may not be necessary.

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